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Ali Gharani,  with over four years of construction experience in California and over 15 years overseas, is president of the apex builders group. Apex's goal is to serve customers as a team to align your dream home with your budget to get the project going in the best possible way.


APEX with valuable experiences and a vision for new markets has decided to help you to build your dream house.
Living with great comfort and luxury is within reach with our 


APEX is Working directly with clients, interior designers, architects, contractors, and developers.
we collaborate  to present style and individuality to homes, private residences, commercial buildings, etc.


APAX manage your project from start to finish which means all installation, coordination, contractor management, and payment are handled by our team. All you have to think about is how much you're going to love your home!

Living with great comfort and luxury is within reach with APEX   Designs.   By combining  functionality  and  great design, the APEX team does your homework for your life. It is there for everything from layout to finish selections to create a space you always wanted but didn't know was possible. From single-bathroom remodels to whole-home renovations, our portfolio of services is aimed at helping your homework for your life.

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